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September 14 – boy was that fun!

North Ranch Center 7:00 p.m.
(doors open early)

Guest speaker:
Corporal Danny Casson, Oxnard Police – retired
(just retired!)
After 33 years of service with the Oxnard Police Department, 21 of those years spent as a K9 handler, Danny has just retired.

Danny had a long and storied career, and among other things successfully competed on America’s Top Dog with Capone.

Danny will share with us his experiences as a police officer and K9 handler and, maybe… Capone will be there too!

Meeting sponsored by
Attorney Lawrence Noble
USCCA Critical Response Team Member
Lawrence was our speaker in April, and everyone loved him. 
AND he (and his wife Maggie) brought us Danny Casson. 
Now he's sponsoring a meeting!
Thanks Lawrence!

July 13 – Another BBQ Dinner!


Thanks Russell (and thanks to our sponsor, Bruce)

Guest speaker/presenter: Russell Reynolds from
Mastro Self Defense System

Russell Reynolds has been involved in martial arts and self defense for over 20 years. He found his home in Mastro Defense System (MDS for short) where he is a Level 2 instructor (one of less than 15 in the country) under Fred Mastro, the founder of MDS. If you’ve ever seen the movie TAKEN with Liam Nesson, then you’ve seen MDS as Fred Mastro trained Liam for that film. Mastro Defense System is not a martial art or sport, but a system of self-defense that is based in biomechanics and science, not strength or athleticism – thus making it one of the most efficient and effective systems […]

Thursday, June 8 Meeting

This was a great meeting!

Scroll down for pictures.

7pm at the North Ranch Center
Doors open early

Guest Speakers And SPONSORED BY:

May 21 Range Day with Move The Needle

All gone! Thanks!

This was a great day!  See below for a description of what we did.

Time to get out and practice shooting. Owning the gun is one thing, being confident in handling and shooting is vitally important. The partnership of VCGO and Move The Needle have setup an educational and instructional afternoon of shooting for all levels of gun enthusiasts.

We have reserved two bays and will divide up the class according to skill set. Even if you haven’t shot yet, we’ll walk you through the basics to get you started.

Your $75 fee includes range rental, safety officers, […]

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