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What is VCGO

Ventura County Gun Owners (VCGO), a prominent chapter of the California Rifle and Pistol Association, is a cornerstone in Ventura County for firearms education, safety, and Second Amendment advocacy. 

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Our Team

Meet The Team

  • Tom EisenstadtPresident
  • Thaddeus WojcikVP and General Counsel
  • Jack GersonTreasurer
  • Paul KatzSecretary
  • Mike ElliasGovernment Affairs Committee Chairman
  • Nicole RadoumisWomen’s Programs Committee Chairwoman
  • Michael Cozzie – Youth Programs Committee Chairman
  • Tim McCarthyMember at Large 


Your Role in VCGO

Political Action

Advocating for Second Amendment rights through active engagement with policymakers and political initiatives.

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Womens Programs

Empowering prospective and experienced female firearm owners with training, events and community in a supportive environment.

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Community Outreach

Engaging and educating the public on firearm safety and responsible ownership, fostering a well-informed community.

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Training Sessions

Comprehensive training for all skill levels, emphasizing firearm safety, handling, and proficiency in various shooting disciplines.

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Legislative Updates

Keeping members informed about firearm-related legislation, tracking changes, and providing insights on legal and regulatory developments.

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Keynote Speakers

Hosting expert speakers to discuss current firearm topics, offering insights and perspectives on various related subjects.

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Monthly Meetings

Regular member meetings for sharing knowledge, discussing firearm interests, and building a strong, united community.

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Offering a wealth of information and resources for responsible firearm ownership, education, and much more.

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A secure platform for members to buy, sell, and exchange firearms and related gear within a trusted network.

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VCGO Objectives

Safety, Education and Training


The paramount concern within the realm of firearms is undoubtedly safety. This forms the core of our Chapter’s mission, emphasizing the critical importance of the safe handling, operation, and storage of firearms at all times. We are committed to instilling a deep-seated culture of safety, ensuring that every interaction with firearms prioritizes caution and responsibility. Through education and hands-on guidance, we aim to engrain safety as the foundational principle for all gun owners, from the moment they pick up a firearm to the moment they set it down.

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Our Chapter is dedicated to providing a comprehensive educational platform through a variety of formats including regular classes, events, seminars, and workshops. These initiatives are designed to cater to a wide audience, from seasoned gun owners to those just beginning their journey. Our curriculum covers an extensive range of topics such as the mechanics and types of firearms, best practices for safe handling, storage solutions, and a thorough understanding of the legal framework surrounding firearm ownership. We believe that well-informed individuals are the backbone of a responsible gun ownership community.

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Leveraging the expertise of our numerous certified firearms instructors, our Chapter offers a rich program of training opportunities. This includes both dry and live fire exercises, classes, and special events featuring world-renowned firearms instructors as guest educators. Our training sessions are crafted to cater to all skill levels, providing a scaffolded approach to firearms proficiency. From basic handling skills to advanced shooting techniques, our aim is to foster a continuous learning environment where members can refine their abilities and confidence through consistent, focused training.

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