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Ventura County Gun Owners is a Chapter of the California Pistol and Rifle Association. We are dedicated to firearm safety and education, while developing, maintaining and promoting programs that support the Second Amendment in California. 


As a proud chapter of the California Pistol and Rifle Association, Ventura County Gun Owners are steadfast in our dedication to firearm safety and education. We actively develop, maintain, and promote programs that uphold and support the Second Amendment in California.


Fostering a culture of responsibility and caution, we aim to educate members on safe firearm handling and storage practices.

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Expanding knowledge on firearm laws, rights, and responsibilities to ensure informed ownership and advocacy within our community.

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Offering hands-on experience with firearms to enhance skill, accuracy, and confidence for both novice and seasoned gun owners.

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At VCGO, we empower our community through dedicated programs centered on firearm safety, training, and education. We provide new and prospective owners with critical knowledge and foster women’s participation in shooting sports. Our monthly gatherings feature key speakers, enhancing our collective expertise. Simultaneously, our action committee liaises with civic leaders and policymakers, advocating for responsible gun ownership.

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Last year, through unwavering dedication and community support, we successfully fundraised a substantial contribution of six thousand dollars for the California Pistol and Rifle Association (CRPA). These funds are a vital bolster in our ongoing efforts to advocate for our rights and ensure the preservation of the Second Amendment.

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