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You own a gun (or two) right? Do you ever carry a gun? Do you have an IFAK? On you now? Accessible? Do you know how to use it? When was the last time you had training on how to use it? This year?…

Guest Speaker: Crecencio “VAL” Valenzuela
founder of and current lead instructor for
Spent Brass Training Solutions, LLC

Val will talk to us about what we need to know and learn about trauma care as potential first responders (among a bunch of other really cool and important things!)

He’s an expert!
U.S. Army Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Current NAEMT Affiliate Faculty member, SAM medical Authorized Educator and Cabot College Affiliate Faculty – EMT Instructor


He is also a combat veteran with the U.S. Army Infantry (1st AD & 3rd ID), who served five and half years with multiple combat and NATO tours including Macedonia, Kosovo and Iraq. While on active duty in the Infantry as a fire team leader, Val was a weapons and tactics instructor at the company level. Val also has time spent as a civilian military weapons and tactics-based instructor for Federal, State and Local entities.

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