Thanks Russell (and thanks to our sponsor, Bruce)

Guest speaker/presenter: Russell Reynolds from
Mastro Self Defense System

Russell Reynolds has been involved in martial arts and self defense for over 20 years. He found his home in Mastro Defense System (MDS for short) where he is a Level 2 instructor (one of less than 15 in the country) under Fred Mastro, the founder of MDS. If you’ve ever seen the movie TAKEN with Liam Nesson, then you’ve seen MDS as Fred Mastro trained Liam for that film. Mastro Defense System is not a martial art or sport, but a system of self-defense that is based in biomechanics and science, not strength or athleticism – thus making it one of the most efficient and effective systems for all shapes and sizes of men and women regardless of previous experience, giving them the chance to be a victor rather than a victim if ever faced with a violent encounter.

Meeting sponsored by Bruce Duckhart

  • Bruce has been doing firearms training for 20 years +, with over 400 students.
  • All his classes are one on one only (he doesn’t believe you get everything from a group class.) “Survival is different than just carrying a gun.”
  • He’s been gun smithing since the late ’70s. All his gun smithing has a lifetime warranty.
  • He does not advertise – all his clients are by referral.

He’s in Thousand Oaks – 805-750-2291

Thanks Bruce!